JRHusky and I staged at Ginger Ck Rd yesterday. While we were unloading, the Forestgrump stopped by to say hi as he was heading out to make more "gramps" trails.

He hit Goose Neck, Buffalo Hill, Tire Iron, Stretch Ck, found some Gramps trails, part of Syphers Gap, the cool trail that runs along Miller Ck, the trails along Murphy Camp Rd, through Murphy Camp, up Ginsberg Point then up to Gobblers Knob.

Who is hanging the 'Recreational Trail' ribbons?

Nice to see that James' Addiction is annexed, but the lower end is now destroyed by fresh logging activity. We met a lost rider down in the Simmons Spur and led him out to his riding party.

We met a guy who had ridden in from Jordan Creek OHV. That could be a cool ride. Does anyone know if the bridge over NFK Trask River is open north of Barney Reservoir?


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