2008 TE 450 Kick Stand

Hi All,

I've been a member of Thumpertalk for a number a years now. Probably since I purchased my Yamaha wr250 back in 2002. I'm a new Husky owner - hence a newbie in this section.

I just picked up an 08 TE 450 and I'm in the process of dialing-it-in. So far, thanks to all the great advice on this forum, I'm pretty set up with all my quick fixes, mods, and aftermarket bolt-ons.

I love the bike, but I have to say the one thing that I really dislike is the kickstand. The dealer did the bolt-cut fix even before I picked it up, but I still find the darn thing way to unstable. It seems to stand the bike up far too straight and the foot seems to be too small.

I know there has been many discussions on this topic, but does anyone know of an aftermarket kickstand that will fit this bike or a way to fix this issue - short of cuting and welding the stock one?

Thanks in advance and I look forward to becoming a part of the Husky community.

Sit on your bike with the kick stand down. I did that and now mine leans over to much!

I don't think anybody is real happy with the Husky stands. They do work most of the time but not well.

If you do cut it down a little make sure it's in a place that won't change the angle when tucked up or it will hit the swing arm. Same with a bigger foot, can be added when your making sparks with the welder just make sure it won't hit anything when up.

You could try taking it off and bending it a little. It doesn't take much to get a big change in bike angle so be carefull.

Thanks Dave. I"ll give some of your suggestions a try.

Too bad Pro Moto Billet doesn't make one.They make some pretty slick billet stands for KTMs, Hondas, etc.

I put a Kouba lowering link on mine and the darn thing is almost strait up and down. I have to really watch out so it don't tip over. Looking into some kind of mod for it myself. I thought it was ok before the link, I guess all these bikes are a little diff.

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