RHC crf 250

We got the RHC crf 250 going for southwick as well as a back up engine last week another busy week .All went well As Jerry Lorenz pulled the hole shot in the cosolation race that makes 3 consolations he has hole shoted in .Jerry led PJ larson for around 3 laps and nearly crased in one of the many pits on the track he put it into cruse mode and finished about 2 secounds behind PJ .In the main his hole shots had him around 6th place he ended up geting pushed into a fence as well as many of the other riders and was around 34 th place and worked up to finish 21fst. in the secound moto he got a 19th place finish .One of Jerrys hipoints of the race or practice was when he actually was able to pull up on Ryans kawasaki He keeps telling me that there isnt any thing out there that has motor on the old RHC bike of course i want to beleive him .

hey ron, what prices do your motors go for? lol

nice. With the figures youve perviously shown Ron its just a mater of time before some top 10 finishes. :thumbsup: major accomplishment.

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