DR350/650 Footpeg mount interchangable?

After reading all the posts about modifying the footpeg mounts on the DR650 I've decided to jump in. I'd like to keep the stock mounts intact so I'm looking for some "take off's" to play with. Specifically looking a set from a DR350....but I can't get my hands on them to measure. Anybody know if it's the same mount '93 350 - '99 650 ??

I have a set of DR350 foot pegs. What dimensions do you need?



On mine the mounting holes are 1 5/8" on center and its 2" from the bottom edge of the peg to the bottom edge of the mount. The pictures of DR350 mounts I've seen look similar. I have a picture of mine with scale but I can't figure out how to get them in a posting...:thumbsup:


Send me a PM and we go from there.


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