Back on the bike

Well, I have to tell you all that I am a much happier lady right now. I was able to ride my bike Saturday and Sunday. My right arm is incredibly weak and stiff, but I was able to ride. Saturday I was only able to ride for .7 hrs. Sunday I rode more but I keep forgetting to check the hour meter.

I was told, in a very stern voice, "Mom. You should NOT be doubling!" :thumbsup: But she was right because a came up goofy on one and felt it in my hand. So it will be a while before I can say that I am better. As it sits now, I plan to be back in time for the Senior Nationals in September at Aztalan. I am feeling pretty confident that I will be ok by then.

I am not close to 100% but my confidence is HUGE! I felt perfect on the bike. Far better than before I crashed. How crazy is that? The best part is that I did practice a couple of starts. The first one I clicked third, like normal, well before the turn. The second one I clicked fourth before the jump. It was SO freaking cool. I have never done that before. It felt too good, so I had to stop.

I can't wait for the next time I can ride the track when it is groomed.....good times will be had by me! :worthy:

woohoo! glad to hear that you are back on the bike BB!!


:thumbsup::worthy::busted::blah: . Now remember to have fun:cheers:

glad your back on the bike!!! sounds weird maybe, but you felt great probably because of the rest due to your hand. good luck for your race in September!!!

Great to hear you're back on the bike!

I know what you mean about having tons of confidence. I was the same way. I broke my hand memorial weekend of 07 and wore that dang cast for 3 months. It felt awesome getting back out there.

I know you've been going nutso! Take care so you don't end up back OFF the bike before you even hardly get started! :thumbsup:

Soooo Bomber is training for the Senior Nationals as well.... You and my dad should go out and kick the crap out of each other. (You would be doing the kicking..) He's all stoked for the national, he's going out to ride three times a week. His goal is to beat Big John Meehan. HAHAHAHAAHAAA!!! What an old fart.

Hey watch who yer callin old fart there Mandipoo. I bet a lot of us in here aren't any younger than the said old fart! :thumbsup:

Besides, if it wasn't for us old farts, there'd be none of you youngins!

Congrats on getting back on the bike bmbr! The kid just started physical therapy yesterday so I make him get up & do his workouts in the morning with me, again during his PE class & when we get home. He's got about 1 week left of a window to get the dang thing straight before he has problems according to the doc. Apparently 6 hours a day on Xbox MX doesn't do much for ya.

Kids these days! :worthy:

Take it easy there killer and good luck with your race in September!:thumbsup:

Glad your back on the bike!:thumbsup:

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