Yamaha XT660Z Tenere

Yamaha really needs to sell this bike in the USA.

Thats all.

Well I am in Brazil for work and you should see the WR250X wanna be that Yamaha sells here. 250cc air cooled FI single...and the real kick to the guts is the fact that they have the cheaper lower tech bike, BUT they get a tach built into the instrument cluster, nice LCD bargraph unit....*** Yamaha? would that have cost that much extra to include on the WR250R/X? ( I know not a big deal, thought it was interesting that is all) Check out the line up they can get here at the Yamaha Motors Brazil website: http://www.yamaha-motor.com.br/Cmi/Pagina.aspx?3216#

Neat little machine, couple of the guys at work have them...wish I could con them into lettting me take one for a spin around the area to compare it to the WR250R...maybe I will get lucky..


They sell the XT 250 here in the US. It is a little different from what I can tell. there is only one style and its does not have a tach or fuel injection, they are fun little bikes to play in the dirt with. Not much power so not a great ride on the street. More fun in the dirt, low seat/COG. Completely different than the WR though.

Yamaha really needs to sell this bike in the USA.

KAS, I have one.

It's a great bike for the money.

OK, it's heavy and the power is not huge, but it is well balanced and has the bones to carry all my tat and 22 litres of fuel.

I've lowered the gearing one tooth on the front sprocket, and fitted a set of Pirelli MT21 tyres and it's a hoot off road.

The styling is good and there is some bling coming down the lines now for it.

My next job is a single silencer and reduce some of the rear tail appendage.



There is a couple of photos from last weeks trip to Salisbury Plain, where the military tank testing range keep us entertained for the weekend.:thumbsup:


I have just bought one too, and will be shipping it to the US at the end of this month... It should make an excellent back-road and byway traveling companion!


Very sweet bikes ... I was hoping to see it in the new Yamaha line up this past week end - no luck.

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