Looking at 2007 KTM 250XC

I need a little help. Is the KTM 2007 XC too radical? I'm recently coming off a 18 year hiatus from off-road riding. Just looking for something to rip-roar through the woods. I like what I've heard about KTM and I think I found a decent price on one. I'm just afraid it might be too racey. Any advice would be appreciated.

Do it! I just picked up an 08 and love it.

I appreciate it. I'm not quite a newbie but it has been a long time. The last bike I rode was a cr 125 when I was 14. All these years I planned on getting a honda when I got back into riding. I didn't even know Honda quit making 2 strokes till a few months ago. I've heard too much about the high maintenance of the crf's. Then I came across a new 07 KTM 250 XC for a decent price. I never looked at KTM before because I figured they were too expensive.

If you are talking about the 250 XC 2 stroke? Thats a bike with lots of adjustability. It can be set up wild or mild.

Powervalve adjustability, jetting, gearing etc..etc.. The bike has an incredible range of adjustability to suit your riding style or skill level.

If you are talking about an XC-F? No problems there.The "F" models and gentle and forgiving.

I have an 07 ktm 250 xc-w and have put about a thousand miles on it and raced some in the Or xc series. Wild or mild the bike is hugely fun. I put the rekluse on and never looked back. Low end is excellent. Lugs a lot like a 4 stroke. No need for a lot of mods as stock is very good. Durability of the cyl is excellent. Bike is tough as nails and very easy to work on. The xc is a little stiffer and closer gear ratios. Faster guys tend to skip on the xc-w. KTM rocks no regrets.

for sure, nothing to be scared of on that model. i had one and above posters are correct... it has several options for setup to take it from mild to wild.

good stuff and i'd recommend that bike for what you've described.


That post is 6 months old. I bought the bike and I love it!

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