does the soft seat actually do the trick?

I have an 08 zuki super motard, and i rode the bike today on the farthest trip i have yet to take it on only about 100 miles. My question is that i know that there is a seat conversion soft seat available through suzuki is it worth it.? has any one else on here have the softer seat and rode on the stock one? was the difference night and day because i will go get the new seat soon if i get enough good replies about it. and also is there another after market seat that is any better?

If you mean the Suzuki Gel seat, I have one and it's not much better comfort wise. It does look better and drops seat height about inch and a-half or so. If you could get one on the cheap, you might wanna try it, but I woudn't pay retail for it.

I've known of several people, one is a good friend and riding buddy, who kicked out the coin and got their seat redone by Renazco. You send em your seat and they rework it according to your desires and riding style. It's an awesome product, but real pricey...about $350.

I still have my stocker. I think I'm gonna try taking it to a good upholstery shop and tell them what I want. The Gel seat still hurts my butt. I've talked with a few guys who have the gel seat and none of us are real happy with it.

cool thanks dude i like my bike alot but thinking its close to time to trading this thing in for the ktm

On my Husaberg FE501 Sumo the seat was like a brick!

I picked up a used Burg seat on ebay and removed the cover and seat pan and drilled 1-1/2 - 2 inch size holes on the pan side of the seat foam.

When drilling I removed all of the foam in each hole except for the last inch of foam that touches the underneath side of the seat cover.

I drilled multiple holes along the length of the seat and side to side to soften up the foam making it less dense.

Drill your holes on the pan side of the foam so your seat keeps it's smooth lines, otherwise your seat will look like the lunar lanscape!

cool thanks dude i like my bike alot but thinking its close to time to trading this thing in for the ktm

If the Suzuki DRZ seat hurts your bum.....

It's not the softness (or hardness) of a seat that causes it to be uncomfortable, it's the shape. So if you still have the zook and want to invest, I'd go with that custom shop's service of reshaping.

Or fatten up those glutes :thumbsup:

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