Dr. Mark Femur and Rod Q???

What is the soonest that a rod can be taken out? I have read places where it can be removed after 6 months. At my 2 week check up 3 weeks ago my doc couldn't believe how quick it was healing already. Also he said no physical therapy till i go back in now 4 more weeks. Shouldn't I be able to at least do some sort of swimming? :thumbsup:

I'm no doctor but you should of already been doing PT,at least riding a stationary bike

I said the same thing but he told me to wait till I go back and then I will be doing it everyday. I just wanna go swimming!

post the X-ray

post the X-ray

This is from my first post right after surgery!


From this when i went to my 2 week check up after surgery, there is no gap like what those X rays show. THe doc said it is ahead of where he thought it would be at 2 weeks. He said that he can see calcium build uphappening already. I did notice that there is the rod and only one pin. Not 3 like what I thought he said.

that rod should stay in one year.

that rod should stay in one year.

Ok thank you very much for your opinion! I value you it greatly after all the stuff that I have readon her. Especially with you professional opinion.

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