450x street gearing advice

I've been riding my x around on the street with the stock gears, well rear is a 49 i think, and its way too short. Anything above 50-55 it starts winding out.

What size sprockets should i look to get, if i want to be able to cruise at 70 for highway use. I dont mind if its just starting to sing a lil bit at that speed, just so i can go along with traffic almost and not get ran down...

If i went +1 in the front over stock do u think that would do it... or would i need to drop the back down as well to a 44/45...?

I have mine set up with a 14t front and a 48t rear. I can run on the highway at 65mph @ ~6000 rpm. I personally don't like to cruise at that high of an RPM but then again I'm not on the highway that much at all. However, for cruising around town I think it's perfect. First gear isn't so long that I have to clutch it from a dead stop and I can perform a "demonstrations of rapid acceleration" in 3rd without having to touch the clutch :worthy: It basically boils down to personal preference and where you plan on doing your tarding. Good luck and be safe :thumbsup:

+ 1 on the preference, i went up 1 tooth in the front and down 6 in the rear and i'm @ the point where if i need to do 80 i can, but otherwise i'm doing 60-65 at about 5000 or so, i only took it on the highway once, not really into it, more of the in-town 3rd gear wheelies kinda guy:thumbsup:

cool thanks for the input.

i'm pretty much the same , prefer around towning it on one wheel, but all my riding buddies only have street bikes so anytime we go for a "ride" i see a lot more 60-65mph than i hope and end up taking the 954.

would i definetly need a smaller chain for a 14/4x combo in the rear? Would it be a bad idea to get a non oring chain for the street to give me more clearance with the pilot power?

14/41 but about to change it to 14/42

i have 15-43 on my 450r........still not as low as i want it but cruising 45 is fine

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