I searched, I promise. Electrical ? on cyclops install.

I went to Radio Shack to buy the diode needed to put my cyclops on per the write up, but they didn't have anything even close. I was directed to an electronic parts warehouse and the only diodes they had even close were 6A 400V. I am assuming these should be okay, the 400V is the load capacity it can handle, the amperage is what I need to be concerned about, right?

SeanSM - right. 6 amps is how much current you can pass thur the diode in the forward direction. 400 volts is how much voltage it will block on reverse.

I mentioned in my original post that I referenced the write up. My question was about the diode numbers I could use safely since I wasn't able to find the ones specified in the write up. I got it installed anyway. Thanks!

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