Evs Rc Evolution Review

I've had mine two weeks now. It is pretty comfortable and should perform its function well. I have mine hooked to my chest protector which makes it a little hard to get on and off. The only real problems I have with the brace are it makes it hard to turn your head to the left and right very far. It also holds the heat in. I think it will take a while for me to get used to it, but it also took me a while to get used to a full face helmet. My opinion it gets an A for fit and function

Good review, but I have a different view. Although I don't own one, I tried on a large at the dealer and before I was told it was a large, I said to my friend "oh nevermind, it's a child size..." and the parts person said it's an adult size large! I put it on and like JCSJR said, it's a tight fit and wasn't very comfortable. The front and back parts that come down over your chest and back didn't fit me at all, I'm 6', 230 pounds and in no ways fat, but they felt like they were digging into my skin. I also don't like how you have to use the tiny velcro strip in the front to secure it to you. I won't be buying the EVS for myself. For the thinner adults, it may be adequate, but not me. I guess I'll have to spend the extra $$ for the Leatt or the newer Leatt that hasn't come out yet.

The new leatt is on their website.

I'll be glad when its on the store's shelves.

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