08 cdi on 06 450r ?

my buddy said he was thinking about doing this mod.so i thought i would ask if this would really work or not.and what would it do for the power of the bike.my buddy said with the swap of the cdis the bike will pull each gear about 40 feet farther in each gear.any ideas would be great thanks.

Don't think it would work. You'd have to the change the wiring harness too. And I think the gear position switch might pose a problem.


the 08 cdi has three different maps that are contingent on an input from the gear selection sensor. I wonder witch of the maps the cdi box would run without the gear input. Or maybe it won't make spark at all. I haven't tried running the bike with this sensor unplugged.:thumbsup:

If you want a more aggressive ignition curve, get an 05 box.

The 08 had a milder Per-gear type curve, thats why it pulls further. Its pullin a tad slower.

If you want your bike to be mellower, pull further, take a tooth off the back sprocket. It makes a very noticable difference.

is the 05 box more agressive then the 06 box then.

There is a post in here somewhere about swapping the '07 CDI onto the '06. From what I remember, it sounded like a worthy $120 or so expenditure...

is the 05 box more agressive then the 06 box then.

Noticeably more aggressive.

Yep, MUSTANGCOBRA told us about it. The 07 box mellows the 05 and 06. I did it when I ahd an 06 and it was noticeable.

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