'84 XR200R exhaust

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum. I've searched a bit for info on a muffler/spark arrestor for my bike, but haven't come across the info I'm looking for. Anyway, the spark arrestor rotted out of my completely stock 1984 XR200R. So the bike is a bit noisier now. I'd like to repair/replace the muffler/spark arrestor. Getting more performance is great, but I'd rather keep the bike on the quiet side of things if possible.

Any suggestions for a replacement muffler for my bike and where best to get it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.


If you mean the baffle that is removed with the two screws on the end of the pipe, its just a baffle not the actual spark arrestor.

The part runs ~$40 from Honda. Part # 18311-MA0-010. I probably have one lying around somewhere in my Garage too.

You are probably right. It's just the baffle at the very end of the muffler. Problem is that the end of it has rotted away. There is nothing to screw the baffle to, so the muffler would have to be replaced.

Ohh I see, I thought the baffle itself had rotted.

Your only bet really is to watch ebay for a used pipe.

Are there no aftermarket replacements for that muffler?

I had a XR200R with a partially rotted muflfer, actually the insert was missing allong with some rot. I had some SuperTrapp 3" parts and they fit the muffler, problem solved. So if the outlet end of your mmuffler is 3" you may be able to adapt 3" SuperTrapp parts.

Good luck

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