Hey I'm new, street legal in NJ?

Hey I'm new to this board. It's the same thing as JeepsUnlimited. Thats where my sig is from. Anyway I did a search and found nothing. I'm interested in a new WR426 and I'd like to convert it to dualsport with the baja designs kit. Has anyone converted in NJ? If so is it a major PITA?



From what I've heard it's a MAJOT PITA. My dealer suggested going to a DMV that is out in the Boonies somewhere where they may be more lenient. Not sure if that will work or not - it does say right on the bill of sale that is not street legal.

I attemped registering mine while I was at the DMV on another issue and I got rejected. But that was at a busy North Jersey location.

They don't even look at the bike when you register it. So if you can get it registered the next step would be to make it street legal and attempt the inspection process. Don't spend the money on the kit until you get it registered is my point.

Good luck.


Thanks for the help. I'm not even sure if I can afford the bike in the first place. On the baja designs site it makes it sound like you have to do alot of paper work and get the title changed from off-road to street before you go to register it.

I'll have to call them if I'm serious about it. I'm only 18, 5'6" and 120lbs. So it'd be a little hard to stop at a traffic light since my feet wont touch the ground.

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