Sorry for another mix oil Q

I was running castrol TTS, everything felt good. Switched to Amsoil, felt no change. Switched back to the TTS (needed oil quick and my Amsoil takes a day or two to get). The bike felt doggy and and not very crisp. It would still rapp up, just not as responsive. The ratios are the same, jetting is same, alt, temp humidity all the same. Am I just imagining things....

you could have got bad gas :thumbsup: i got one can of gas that ran like shit though my bike. I have a CRF250 by the way haha.

I didn't think about that, definatly could be it.

I have a CRF250 by the way haha.

Why are you laughing at me?

not laughing at you... laughing cause i ride a 4 stroke... and its a 2 stroke forum

It's almost certainly not your premix that's the problem. If it wasn't a problem before, why would it be now?

My bike decided that it likes amsoil and hates Castrol TTS? Not really sure what to look at. I guess I'll just make sure I have a plug, wrench and leave the bug repelent at home.

My bike felt 'doggy' too after switching oils in a pinch. Just didn't seem to have the same snap right off idle.

Have always run Torco GP-7, switched to Amsoil for one Poker Run and am switching back... rode 45-50 miles this weekend and it seems to be back to normal :thumbsup: .

I was in a bad way without my mix, so I used the Amsoil... don't know if it was the oil or the fact that I couldn't properly dispose of my little bit of Torco gas so I mixed them, used that fuel for 2 rides... ran it as low as I could this weekend and then filled up with my normal fuel/mix.

Like you were saying, could just be my imagination... but the response felt different and the engine seemed noisier.

I won't be caught without my mix again... that is for sure!

What have you/anybody heard about mixing different types of oil in the same fuel tank... like I ended up doing. I'm sure it is not prefered, but is it really bad?

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