05 DRZ110 wont Idle?

I just got my son a 110 that I thought just needed the carb cleaned but not the case. I know no running history of the bike and need some help. It cranks with the choke on but will not Idle without stalling. It seems to run like it has skipped timing is the only wat I know to describe it. I cleaned the carb pretty good I thought but the pilot is still suspect. The bike had sat up for a while, the gas was bad and was drained. New plug, air filter cleaned, oil changed. It had to much oil in it and it was mentioned in another post but Im not sure of the symptoms of this. Sorry to ramble but Im kind of frustrated at this moment. Thanks, Kenny.

Just thought ID add that when the choke is half way in it dies like its not getting fuel or the spark is quiting.

After looking at a factory diagram of the carb I am missing a o-ring and washer from the fuel mixture screw. I might just go to the hardware store, or mess with OEM.? The dealers around me always have to order eveything. Dang think had an extra QT. of oil in it.

As long as the oring is the correct size and rated for gasoline use, run it.Might be hard to find though.

Keep an eye on the vent lines off the carb,all 3 of our 110's had a problem of getting dirt up in there (casing a jump or puddle) and would die, run a sec or two and die.


Thanks for the tip on the vent lines. I could not find an O-ring small enough so I ordered one along with a new pilot. I have my fingers crossed.

New parts came in and I went through the carb again and found the old o-ring cramed down in the tube above the pilot, it was broken and the previous owner must have done it. Fished it out and installed new o-ring, washer and pilot jet and run like new. :thumbsup:

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