WR250 or WR300

I took about a 10 year break from offroad riding and got back into it last year with an 07 TE 510. Thought I would see what all the buzz was about and got my first 4 stroke.

I'm having a hard time coming to terms with it in the tight New England woods. I thought I had a handle on it and was riding well, but when the pressure is on and I push hard I go back to my old ways and try to ride it like a 2 stroke.

I made my mind up, I'm getting a 2 stroke. I'll keep the 510 for now but may sell it if it starts to collect dust.

So 250 or 300?

The last 2 stroke I had was a 98 RM 250.

In the tight woods I don't think I'll need the 300 but hate to leave CC's on the show room floor if there is no down side to it.

Will the 300 overheat easier, harder to start, ect.

Please post your thoughts, I know the 300's haven't hit the market here yet but you guys always have the insite.

If I was in the market for a new 2T, I would be drooling over the WR300.


That is so hard to answer and I am wondering the same thing. I have never been on my 250 and felt like dang, that guy just pulled me and I wish I had more power. When the WR comes on in the middle it gets pretty exciting especially if you are in a straight stretch. It may not be very much coming from a 450 or bigger bike for you.

On the other hand I have talked to a few people who say that Sebastian's 300 is really really good. I am curious if this means more smoothe on the power or what. It is also tough to say if his bike does not have a lot of extras that we may not see on a stock bike. Bottom line though until we get actual owner's test rides on this new 300 we will not know for sure.

If the 300 runs like the Gasser, I would stay with a 250. I like the hit, i've ridden a couple of EC300's including an 08, and the motor feels lazy but it's like a tractor

If the 300 runs like the Gasser, I would stay with a 250. I like the hit, i've ridden a couple of EC300's including an 08, and the motor feels lazy but it's like a tractor

I know what you mean. While the 300 has the bottom end torque, the 250 has an exciting hit. It also revs alot faster. If it was me i would go 250. If you are a more laid back ridder go with the 300.

i also have a 510 and after 30 years on big 4 strokes i now ride a CR 125

Which beats open 4 strokes in the AMA National Hare and Hound races

Plus the 125 is now the 2008 open mag expert AMA #1 plate holder.So if you ask me please try a Husky 125 before you think about buying a 250.I beleive once you ride the new generation 125 it willl be your next bike.As for my 510 it now collects dust

When I watch video of Seb on his 300 it "sounds" like the best of all worlds. It appears to have 360 type low end with the mid-range/top end hit of the 250. It might actually be too much for the average rider in really tight woods where your climbs aren't to long, steep, or gnarly.

I second Ajaxauto's opinion of your need to try a WR 125. I grew up screaming 125's around and 35 years later I think for 90% of my riding they would be a hoot. My next major purchase is probably a good used WR125. There are just places I go where a 125 isn't going to make it. I know from watching buddies try to go there on their "other brand" 125's in frustration. But for that other 90% it sure would be fun to fling a 125 around again.



Local dealer says they can get a few 08 wr 250's. So I could be riding one in a week or two. (shipping time) I may not be able to get a 300 if they sell out fast, limited amount shipped ect.

I just can't see myself on a 125, last time I had one I was 16 or 17. I'm 6'3" and pushing 250 with gear on.

I love the way the 510 pulls and climbs, just arm stretching fun. Most of the time I find myself in tight single track with tons of roots and rocks. Spend all day in 2nd or 3rd gear.

I should check with a few pumkin guys about the 300's I guess.

I want it to run and ride like a 250 2 stroke, if the 300 does that with a little extra HP thats good. If it's more like a 4 stroke or as some say a "3 stroke" then I don't think I want one.

I'm also worried that they will have the same cooling as a 250 and run hotter, more tempermental, harder to start hot ect.

I can not get my 125 to heat up much less over heat .I run Evens coolant and after as race you can remove the cap when hot and nothing happens

I am in so calif desert and it is over 100 all summer today it was 112

WR 250 with a six speed. I replace the factory rad fluid with Engine Ice, so even after braking trail through trees, single track, and hill climbing, can only remember boiling over once. Seen the '09 125 cc pics, are the specs and model pics out for the '09 WR 250? Curious to see what changes there are. Price and availability could be the difference between parking a WR 250 or a YZ 250 in the garage next year.

I had an 04 ktm 250 exc, then rode a mates 300, and decided that was the bike for me, so I went and got an 06 300, and I can't see myself riding anything other than a 300 two banger, unless of course someone brings out a 350. From what I remember of the 250, the 300 does everything it did and more. I have the lighter (more aggressive) power valve spring, and a pro-circuit T2 pipe and silencer. When they call it a 3-stroke, they mean every thing that is good about a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke, all in the one bike, tractor like torque right off idle, you can dial it on, or you can shower your mates in roost, it does it all. The power valve springs really make a difference to the power delivery, and they don't cost anything or take any time to put in. The middle spring is probably the wiser choice, but I like the hit of the lighter spring myself. Interesting to see how the husky, goes against the ktm, though I'd be inclined to stick with ktm, being more mainstream, more ktm shops shops than husky shops, more aftermarket companies support ktm than husky to. But I'm stoked to see husky come to the party, the more competition the better it is for the consumer. Long live the 300 2t.

I ended up buying a 06 GAS GAS EC 250 all set up for a very good price. So far I like it alot.

If there was a WR local for this price I sure I would have grabed it. I may pick one up in a few years but for now it's a gasser for my tight woods bike.

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