1987 yz 250 Plastic Kit Upgrade

hi to all!

I rebuilded a 1987 yz 250T... now it works very fine... but i'd like to change the plastics and try to use some new ones...

can i use

The problem is that i doesn't know what plastics i have to use... i think i'll have to modify them in order to make them fit on my bike... but it doesn't matter, i can do it...

Can you tell me if someone has already did something like this?

I don't know which plastics kit i can use... and which can fit on my bike...

can you help me, please?

p.s. i uploaded my yz pics on youtube, if you need to see the model: http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=RaJV_rpLqqg

nobody can help me?

i really like to upgrade my graphics...


Other then maybe the front fender, it would be mostly modding it fit

worth while not really that year is unique to the 86 - 87 for the plastic's.

i think there is no problem for the front and rear fender...

do you think i'll avoid all the problems if i change the gas tank too?

Do you think that a 2001 yz 250 gas tank will fit well on my frame?

To all your questions and any other fitting questions you might ask :


i've found a plastic kit from a yz426F with a gas tank, do you think it will fit a little on my bike?

i see no problem if i change the gas tank too..

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