So i broke my shoulder over the weekend. (pic)

well i raced saturday night. my last lapof the night i hit a small table, 4th gear tapped. well right when i left the ground my bike siezed onme and i was scrubin so the bike was laid over. well it pretty much highsided me shoulder 1st in to the ground. got to the doctor today. i'm getting a plate and screws. he said 2 months off. Any advice?

Sorry about the typing. doing this all left handed. haha


sorry about the sizeof the photo.

It needs to be fixed, but i will take way longer than two months to get back.

Yeah I'm no doctor but I just sprained my rotator cuff last week changing my rear tire (I know right!) and my doctor told me no riding for 4-6 weeks, so I think you may be off a bit longer than 8 weeks...sorry

Yikes!:thumbsup: Looks like the ball is completely seperated?! I dislocated and broke the cup on my shoulder back in March, had surgery April 2nd So I'm right at 5 months, last check up was a month ago at 4 months. Doc said I'm ahead of schedule for rehab but to take it easy still. I see him again at the end of this month and I figure he'll probably release me at that point. It's been feeling great, but still hurts a little doing certain motions. You'd better plan on taking it easy for about 6 months

Update and some questions for the dr.

1st of the surgery went well, I belieive. I got a long 6inch plate with 7 screws. Although they put a cell block in that I was told would last 18 to 36 hours. It only lasted one hour and was in total pain half way home. the 1st check out was days after surgery. My doctor said it is good and to leave it in a sling for a month and come back for a check out and possible start therpy. Well that month is next friday, and i must say that I don't use my sling anymore cause it causes more pain with it on that without, is this bad? I was told to move my arm daily, i'm doing that but maybe to much? I was told if I moved my arm to much the plate would break. My arm seems to be fine and I have most of my movement back but I'm afriad it's just the plate holding it together.

So my questions are,

Should I leave me sling on for the next week?

Can I actually break the plate by moving it to much?(not putting much weight if any on my arm, although the little I do doesn't hurt at all)

And last, is it normal to be able to feel the plate by touching my arm? cause I can.

I'm starting to feel like I should've just went to Dr. mark as I am worried.

I'll post the x-rays monday after my app.

I am waiting for the X-rays.

I'll post them monday morning. Thank you.

Alright, just got back from my doctors. He said I could start therapy now and do light lifing with my arm.

So far, I broke it then a week later had surgery. And today is just over a month since surgery. Does everything look right to you?


Its impossible to say from one view. But from what you showed me it looks ok.

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