DR650 Super Moto?

I have a chance to pick up a DR650 Super Moto for a good deal. It's basically bone stock except for the rims/tires/bigger front brake. engine is stock.

my question is, is this bike going to handle as well on the street as my old DR400 that was converted to SM? what about power? ive never ridden these bikes, and dont know what to expect. my last dual sprot was a DR400 with a yoshi 475 kit with cams, carb, and full bolt ons. how is the pwoer of the 650 compared to that motor?

ANY info on this bike would be great.


The DR650 makes a pretty good street supermoto. Its a little heavier then the DRZ but it also sits just a little bit lower, so doesn't really feel it. Powerwise, its about even w/ the DRZ, (not sure about a hopped 475 kitted DRZ) Bone stock motor is a little weak. I rejetted w/ hi flow airfilter and more open exhuast. At least do the rejet w/ better air filter. It is a torquier motor then the smaller DRZ, has a strong midrange. If you are a little more rev happy, you might prefer the DRZ.

The stock suspension is pretty soft. Unless you a light weight, stiffer springs and shock would also help.

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