ktm 50 rear spring sag

how do you adjust the rear spring sag on the ktm 50's.

Google "ktm bible pdf". Lots of good info. I use it as a reference even though my son rides a Polini X1. Hope that helps

Ktm Bible

how do you adjust the rear spring sag on the ktm 50's.

does your 08 have the adjustable rear shock? it should,

all you do is adjust the rear shock on the lock and adjustment rings,

how heavy is the rider and how is he riding it? any big jumps?

usually 2 in is a good place to start for a beginner once he get more advanced go to 2.5 etc

two in?

no 2" of sag with him sitting on it, but it really depends on how he is riding it how he is jumping etc. but i think 2" is a good place to start

watch him on the jumps and if his rear end kicks up or stays to low and he goes nose high etc, also watch for tire skipping or wander,

if he nose dives the jumps adjust the shock looser, if he is nose high in the jumps adjust it stiffer, i measure from rear axle nut to rear fender.

it also depends on the track or riding terrain where you want the sag, also if you are racing or trail riding,


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