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Newbie here. Just bought a 2003 klx 400. Love all the info on here. Great site. My question is after i got it home i noticed a second choke knob. The factory choke is all good. Zip tied to the front of the carb is a machanical choke piece I'm asumming off of another bike of some sort. It has a vent hose coming off of that going into the vent nipple on the rear of the cylinder head. It pulls in and out just like a choke. A buddy of mine and me have never seen something like this. This might sound stupid but could it be some sort of hot start? Ican try to post pictures later if anyone wants to see. Thanks for any info.

OK, without pics this is totally a stab in the dark. It might be a idle adjustment, is it a little wheel or does it pull out?

Also it may be a hot start but I would doubt it.

What happens when you mess with it?

Iwill try to post a pic. It's not an idle ajustment. And yes it pulls out just like a choke. Ihaven't tried doing anything with it when its running. I'm having problems possting a pic on this site. I'll try to figure it out and send later. Thanks

Open a free account at, upload the photo to their site/your album, click the IMG link below the photo and it will copy it. Paste it here in your post, and there will be a photo.


Here is a picture. Hope it works. Let me know what this could be. Thanks Ryan

Yup, a hot start, used only on kicker DRZ's. If I were you, I'd remove it and then plug the port the hose it goes into on the head (factory bolt and sealing washer will do it).

Thanks. So this is a home made hot start? The way this thing was put on there it definatly is not factory. My bike is a klx 400-b e-start.

The hot start is a add on for sure. The location of the knob is a stockish position for a kicker but because of the starter motor, room for it was not there, hence the klugey zipty.

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