Radiator Fluidcover

I popped mine off to check the radiator fluid and i put it back on but now it doesnt stay tight...why?

I don't know. You are aware when you're turning it back on, once it stops, you have to push down and turn it more? is the rubber seal still on the underside of the cap?

alright ill have to do that. i didnt know that

Wasn't aware the the cap had to be pushed down to fit right. I just line up the cap until the screw hole matches the screw hole in the radiator lip.

The S (and proabaly SM) models have a small screw that holds the cap in place and must be removed to take off the cap. did you remove the screw before taking off the cap

Remove the small screw that holds the cap in place and throw it away. It adds to much weight up front and high.

I had assumed that since he had the cap off, he figured out how to remove the screw, or it had been removed previously.

That little screw adds discernable weight? :worthy: It's no bigger than a dog pecker gnat. I can see removing it so if you need to get the cap off on the trail and you don't have a tiny little phillips screwdriver, but danged if my senses are sensitive enough to notice a weight difference w/ it on or off the bike. :thumbsup:

I think he was kidding

I hope so. :thumbsup:

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