06 running extremly hot!!! metal fillings in oil!!!HELP

Metal fillings in oil and lotta head shake makes knocking noises could it be the crank hitting the case??????????????HELP someone:banghead:

I think you need to tear down.could be main crank bearing and bad oil pump.

Sorry but don't have any good news for ya except good thing it hasn't grenaded yet.

okay man thanks i thought it could be the bearings man i also keep shearing off my impeller on my water pump for some reason

can someone else help me too

Drain oil, remove flywheel cover, grab flywheel, does it have freeplay?

If so, crank bearings are thrashed. If not, something else is starting to go.

Check clutch basket nut too.

Either way, you have some work to do before you can ride it again... sorry...

i found the problem it was a seized up piston rod bearing

well that's not good. haha. Any other damage or can you fix that and ride?

Mine just did the same thing, 200 for crank assembly, 400 for 270 kit. mine took the cylinder and piston with it, i didn't catch mine untill my engine seized up.

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