Headlight options

the headlight and shell on my WR have multiple problems and are in need or replacement.

I will probably get the complete unit from moto plastic usa but thought I would ask if there are any better alternatives. Has anyone used any of the aftermarket universal lights? Would anyone happen to know if the 09 will work with a 06 frame?


What do you want the light to do?

I like the Acerbis twin halogen for 'minor' night riding. I run one flood pattern and one spot pattern to maximize it's effectiveness. I also like the security of having a 'back up' if one bulb burns out.

For 'real' night time riding, I run an 8" halogen with a 55/60w xenon bulb. I combine this with a 20w halogen helmet light. I can run both of these lights off the stock stator or run the helmet light off of a battery pack to give light when the bike is off.

It doesn't have to do much as I don't ride at night. If it saved much weight I would probably pull it off. It's nice to have in case I ever get caught out too late and it makes me more visible. It has to survive being used to push a lot of brush and limbs every ride. It should be as cheap as possible to replace as I don't expect it to last real long.

I replaced the stock unit with a Polisport light - works great, very similar in style to the OEM, light portion is virtually identical and the complete unit costs only about $40-$50 - and I found the Polisport plastic headlight shroud to be far less brittle than OEM.

Let me know if you need help sourcing one.

The Polisport look nice. Where can I get one?

Do they use the stock wire connectors?


The leads from the Husky harness plug directly into the Polisport light (either into the main light with hi/low beam or onto the leads for the independent running light) - I generally just use the small "running light" which shines just enough to appease the local authorities.

I searched TT and found Polisport body plastic, but no headlights. I will post a Canadian link, but I'm unsure if the moderators will allow it. If need be, I can get one here and mail it to you.


Canadian version


Choose "Motorcycle" catalogue

Choose "Parts & Accessories" catalogue

Search "Polisport"

I believe it is on page 276.

I think this is the correct TT version:


Trail tech has a new headlight out that Ride told me about. I don't remember which model it is, but you can check on their website or call Ride when he gets back in town next week.

Not to Hi-jack this thread but my stock connectors are shot or missing. Does anyone know where to find the same ones?

Not to Hi-jack this thread but my stock connectors are shot or missing. Does anyone know where to find the same ones?

I have the same problem...the last guy cut em off and changed them.

I hvae been meaning to go into radioshack and see what they have. Easy for wires to get pinched up there.


Search for part no. 37-202-2

These are similar or identical to the (Molex?) units used on KTMs, and also similar to the JST (Japanese Solderless Terminal) system used on Asian machines.

I got them here: http://www.neutronelectronics.com/

They are only a few bucks a pack. I believe that Trail-tech also has similar products.

You need to have the proper crimping tool, but once you've got it, it's way faster and easier than soldering.

These are ideal as they are sealed: http://www.weatherpack.com/

But I've not found a local source.

What options are available (headlight) for a '08 cr125?

You need a WR ignition to run lights. There has been mention on here of re-winding the stator to put out more juice for lights.

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