Help and clarrification needed for fcr39 on 2001 DRZ400e

Back in May The Drz would loose power in the whoops. After checking found water in the Carb bowl and tank. Drained, cleaned and dried tank. Removed carb , cleaned jets and so forth. No jetting changes were made and no mods to carb done, i.e. (removal of CE and taffy mod). I did add seafoam green to the fuel thinking I could have missed something like build up somewhere I couldn't see. Well I rode a few more times after that but the problem continued and I became very frustrated. A few guys tried to help me in a prior post but I dropped the ball by never following back up with them.

This past weekend I decided to not let it whip me, so I removed the carb to clean it and get the jet info. Well I found what appeared to be dried greenish colored cheese consistency stuff all over the bowl, jets, etc. I now have a very clean and happy carb.

I'm listing jetting info and mods and other info for you guys. All your advice and help is much appreciated.

2001 DRZ 400E

Ridden mostly in Central Florida so Elev. is SL to 100ft 40's to 90's temp.

yoshi RS-3 slip on

Mods: Taffy mod and removal of coast enrichner

Pilot 45

Main 160

starter(i think) 65

Main air jet 200

Piot air or slow air 60

Needle is OBDXP 4th clip from top

2 turns out on the mixture needle

With the taffy mod I temp decided to loop the two ports on the carb together based on eddie's comments in another post. My plan is to get the 100 pilot air jet or PAS.

Do I need the 45 pilot jet with the 100 slow air jet?

Is the DXP needle ok with the above changes? or do I need the EMN ?

What other advice can ya'll offer?

Thanks in advance and sorry about the long winded post.


Check your float height.

Thanks William1 for replying

I did a search for how to adjust the float level and found info for the Fcr-mx, however I've got the older style non mx.

Would you provide instructions for a link that I can reference.

Also, any opinions or suggestion about the jetting info?

Same as the older style.

Eddie is the expert regarding the older style FCR and OBDXP needle, though I suspect you'd be better of on the 3rd clip.

yesterday went for 69mi ride in Ocala Nat'l forest here in Florida. Lots of water, packed sand, great ride.

The DRZ performed super. Some deceleration poping but I haven't got the 100 pilot air jet in. Really didn't notice any low end bog

Except for the poping on deceleration I'm pleased.

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