standing on pegs

I just put ims lowered pegs on my 250f and i was wondering when you are standing on your pegs with your legs straight, can your reach your grips without bending down? i can just get them with my fingers but can't touch my palms without bending down. Just wandering if i need bar risers so i can grasp them in the more comfortable standing position.

seriously, go stand on your bike i need feedback.

i had that problem. then i got some pro taper cr high bend bars and risers.

i honestly would go out to the shop and try but my bike is at the other house:(

It shouldn't be an issue as you should never be standing strait like a board while riding. You need to keep your knees bent some. :thumbsup:

I can't have to bend or lean to the side - but its how it should be so your knees are bent - stand on your bike in a riding position. that will tell you if their right - if you don't feel comfortable take the pegs off and get like a step stool or some 5 gal buckets and some blocks of wood - this way you can see where you need your foot pegs to be for you

thanks for the input so far. I am trying to see how the average person fits on the bike. I am tall, i already have cr high bars with the lower pegs.

I know how to ride pretty well, i don't stand straight like a board :thumbsup:. just wondering if my fit could be better?

these bikes are designed for the average size person. I would like to set it up so i fit the bike like an average size person, I believe this will make a poisitive improvement.

How tall are you?

Maybe you can try to get in touch with riders in your same heigth range and see how they overcome the issues you are experiencing.

i am not super tall. 6'0 but still above average, long legs i guess. I know what mods i can do to change things around but I am still trying to figure out how far to move stuff around in order to fit the bike as it was built to be fit. So i was basing the standing on the pegs thing as a way to judge how other people fit the bike.

Gotcha. When my bike gets back, ill see how it feels on me. Im 5'10"

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