Looking for Suzuki Connector

Hello everyone I was hoping someone could help me find these connectors. I believe the part number is 34-0295. I have contacted a few local shops and they said the part number is too short. If anyone could help me track down a supplier that would be great.




It's not a viable part number. You need to find the proper part number, or I know Dennis Kirk or one of the big outfits carries the pigtails w/ those connectors. It's the signal connectors, right? Otherwise, Eddie or William would probably know the # or where to find it.

The # you have is this places part #, or an aftermarket part #. It's not the oem number. I don't know if the connector itself would even be available w/ the harness it is associated w/ from Suzuki.

Here's the page where the connector/part# you linked is available from:



Keep in mind it says the pins aren't available, only the connectors.

Here's the pigtails:


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