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Family/Riding pix including Spangler Hills/wagon wheel

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Ok, so I finally figured out how to create a couple of photo albums on picasa (I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computers). So here goes a try......if you cant get in to see them let me know and I'll have my SO try it.

We went to Spangler Hills last New Years and met a great group of family oriented people. Cant wait to go back this year! There was about 22+ RV's circled up to make camp which made it safe for the kiddies to wander around inside. If any of you are thinking of going but not sure what it's like, just go anyway. It's a lot of fun! :thumbsup: Great desert riding, some hill climbs, and a few caves to go trekking thru (in the dark while you bump your head on the rocks) :busted:

Our group did bonfires at night with smores of course, and the infamous sobe bomb for some serious entertainment--just make sure the ranger doesnt catch ya :worthy:


Hope it works

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