wont rev up

howdy this is my first post here. i did severl searchs for this type of problem.

i have a 91 xr600' keihin fcr41, k&n. it ran real good when i bought it,but it was hard to start. after a few months it started to have trouble reving out,popping on decel--- so i set valve clearance,reduced supertrap discs(6)flushed tank,cleaned out carb,checked float,tweeked air screw--now she starts alot easier,no popping(lean),still craps out at the top end---today i was riding it hard and it died with fuel pouring out of the carb--second question could this be fuel boiling? starting to consider selling this thing getting tired of fooling with it. when it is running and starting right its a hoot but pushin it around sucks

any help would be great

1-at high revs it feels like a hard hitting limiter

2-fuel leaking/float problem

the float is probably stuck? my 650r did the same thing while i was on a ride, i turned the gas off, got it started, and let it run out of gas. then i turned it back on, and started it and beat the hell out of it, which seemed to knock the float loose or something. it got me home. then i cleaned the carb out really good. as soon as i had money i sold it and got an eddy.

yea sounds like a needle and seat issue, w/ the floats letting in too much fuel. as far as the high revs... high high are we talking? these bikes make most of their power down low, i find it bettter to short shift sometimes instead of trying to get every last pony out of her...

but if your not reving too high it sounds like your ignition could have a problem, not sure until further diagnosis is completed...:thumbsup:

the only thing i can go by, as far as the revs it just wont pull like it did when i bought it. --it has the weakest spark ive ever seen. its a wonder it even runs but its always been that way.

sorry for my ignorance whats an eddy?

just figured out that an eddy is a edlebrock lol. i have the stock carb. installed it but couldn't get it to start. went back to the fcr----should i try going back to the stock carb? would this be a more reliable set up. i dont need the power, but i do need it to run right this is my exersize machine!

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