playday with the hybrid track time

took off with the middle son for a little track riding a couple of photos for your enjoyment





a few more




sweet :thumbsup:

Those are pretty big sets of doubles. Looking good Art!

Whats that green stuff on the side of the track. Sure looks soft :thumbsup:

grassy covered rock lol, available in the lower middle states, and local harware stores nationwide.

Aaagh. Don't worry about those west coasters Art. All they fall on is sand. :thumbsup:

Nice pics!

Nice pictures Art!:thumbsup: Where's all the trees??:worthy:

havn't even had a chance to ride the woods since we got back, 2nd time out since the trip, but the guy that owns this track is a great guy known him for awhile and he does and excellent job with it, so I generally have a blast out there, and people assume because you have barkbusters and a headlight, you can't ride on a track, so its always fun lol, I'm not the fastest but am not the slowest either, lol

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