WR250 2007 radiator braces

What kind of braces have most of you been using on the aluminum frame WR 250s? Looking for the most bang for the buck.

I WANT the gold unibiker guards:applause: I've never seen anybody complain about them.

uni bike all the way they built me a custom set for my 04 250f with an over sized tank so everything clears great company and amazing product.

I got flatland on two bikes and love em, very stout, but... I just saw some GYTR rad guards that a friend in Canada got and they look awsome!!



I have the moose type .....And they work very well.

I've been using Flatland Racing Radiator Guards since 2002. Very good products :thumbsup:

+1. And you can get a skidplate with the guards for a discount if you buy them both at the same time.

I have the devols and they work just fine. Not very expensive either.

I am looking for a set as well and from what I have seen the Flandland guards have better feedback than the Unibiker ones, according to the product review section on here.

I run the Scorpion Racing ones, very good quality, very good fit, and reasonably cheap. They're Canadian made, not sure if you can get 'em in the States.


How many cross bars are there on the back of the radiators on the flatland guards? unibiker guards?

flatland has only one right on the middle, although seems strong enough... I don't know about other brands but flatland braces will make your shrouds rest farther out. I can feel it when cornering.

I use the Yamaha GYTR on my 07 wr 250 along with the Dr.D lowering kit and works great. Ive binned it on rocks quite bad before and they hold up perfect

I am thinking about the flatland guards as they seem to be easier to install than the unibiker guards. Some people say no problems and others say they are missing hardware or the hardware is not correct.

I have the unibikers on my wr and so far no complaints at all. Not too bad to install and rock solid.

I have the Works Connection braces. Very heavy duty with two aluminum "rods" in front and behind the radiator top and bottom sections. Also, other pieces to provide plenty of support and protection. These are the most heavy duty braces I've seen so far.

Did the unibikers make the shrouds feel wider?

UNIBIKER! i just ran into the back of a guy that stoped right in the middle of a trail. i was proubly going 20-25 mph. my left rad hit his exhaust, bent his exhaust and sent both of us flying (he broke 2 ribs, haha, dont stop in the middle of a single track turn!). it barely bent my guard!

it has two suppports in the front and three in the back. yea they can be a pain to install, but worth it.

my only complaint is the leaves and sticks that get cought between the front supports and the rad.

its really hard to clean that crap out.:thumbsup:

I got flatland on two bikes and love em, very stout, but... I just saw some GYTR rad guards that a friend in Canada got and they look awsome!!

What Yamaha part number are the GYTR rad guards? I can't find them on the GYTR site at all... I'd like to check those out before getting the Unabiker ones.

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