XR650L 08 fork swap CR500 90

Help please... I would like to know if the forks off a 1990 CR 500 would be a good fork to swap out with my 2008 XR650L. Any and all information would be rad! I have found the forks, triple clamps and stem for $125 asking price is this a good price. The forks have been rebuilt by Showa and have new seals. Thanks!


yea thats an awesome price, but not 100% on fitment, if you want a direct bolt on, i would check part numbers w/ an oem parts site and see what matches

Just a note on those forks. If my memory serves me correctly the first gen

Showa usds on the CR500Rs only had external adjustment for compression damping. They were not the best of forks even in their day. I spent some time racing CR500s of that vintage back then and was always very, very happy to be able to get back on my KX500s.

If you do go with these on your L there may be a little more work involved in the tuning to get them to perform to your liking. The rigidity will be a big improvement over what you currently have (especially if you ride very hard off road or supermoto your L) but just be prepared to spend a lot of time on setup to get them to work right. You will probably be best served to send the forks off to an aftermarket suspension tuner to get them set up close to what you need, but even they probably won't be able to get them spot on for you.


You will need the front rim and axle from the CR ....

Your speedo and dash will not mount to the CR's top triple clamp and the CR's from rim wont accept the speedo drive.....

You will need either some spacers made for the steering stem or have the XR's stem pressed into the CR's clamps.......

IMO just get the right springs for your XR forks and get a brace.......

I have a friend with a 90 CR500 and he *hates* the forks. Those first gen Showa USDs were not well liked. Try and find something newer. At the time the mag's were saying that they likes the 89 forks better and that is basically what the XR650L has.

Im using a frt end off a 91 CR500. The forks I am currently using were freshly prepped by Factory Connection for a 200lb rider (CR500) 46kg springs. Which with my weight and weight of my XR worked out good. I did my forks on the cheap, and am actually very happy w/them. Im sure they arent the best to use, but for me were a big improvement



Thanks for the replies. I will keep looking. Those CR forks look good on your XR.

I do want better forks. If the CR 500 forks aren't the right choice, any suggestions to what forks I should be looking for. fit ,price, function?



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