seriously some 09 hondas

im talking bout the crf50-100 i didnt say there would be a 450 atleast im not jokin around and goin you got paula deaned or watever:bonk:

Sorry i just love seeing new bikes thats all, it just got my hopes up is all, now i am sad:cry:

not trying to be rude but 95% of dirtbikeing population could care less about 50's and 100' bikes is where its at.

i know i am really wanting to see the 09 mx too but i thought it would be good to see atleast wat like the graphics would be like and stuff.btw i own a 07 crf250r not a 50 or 100:thumbsup:

I like the graphics/seat.

Them BNG worth another $99 or so??:thumbsup:

Looks like we might see all red seats on the CRFs this year. Would be a nice change, I know I want a all red seat for mine!:thumbsup:

i do like the new graphics and seat. hopefully they will carry them over to the race line.

good find. gas+ :thumbsup:

Ramz posted in the 250X forum as he already has the 09 manual. The 250s are still carbed out. Idk about the 450s though.

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