Save NJ Trails - Sign the petition

Here we go again. The Sierra club has Assemblymen Eric Munoz in their pocket and he is sponsoring a bill (A2238) that would eliminate riding on all New Jersey State land. Here is a link so that everyone can sign a petition against the bill. It is for residents and non-residents, so everyone please go to the link and add your name to the petition.


Greg T

1987 NMX # 91

02 Ducati 998 mono

00 HD Road King

02 KTM 520SX

85 RZ350


Please, guys. This area to be shut down includes some of my favorite dual-sporting terrain - the NJ State Forests. It just takes a minute to sign the petition.


Done. There are now 1079 signatures...

Hope you don't get the land taken away from you the taxpayer!

Done! I'm from NJ and enjoyed riding down at the pine barens many years ago.

Did it, I'll post this on JeepsUnlimited too. Maybe even quadratec. Memorial day weekend was almost ruined at Forked River this year. Lets keep it open.

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