Walker Vally Re Opening

As of 12/28 Walker Vally will be open for riding once again.However only a winter loop will be open and the e mail I recieved from Doug Sutherland "DNR" didnt say what trails made up this loop or how long it is. I guess I'll have to go up and ride it and let you all know.

I always like hearing stories of riding areas re-opening. I am not familiar with Wa area. Was this closed because of some enviro concerns, or something else?


This area had been open year round for over 30 years useing DNR funds and volunteer labor until Nov 8th 02. And then DNR closed it until spring 03 without giving the users ANY reasons at all. We bombarded the DNR with Emails and letters until we finally got a response. Which led to some meetings and decisions and a re-opening of some of the trails.DNR was concerned about silt runoff into some creeks that werent even classified as salmon spawning creeks. Yet the DNR let the logging operations continue. Go Figure....

Later, I'm going riding


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