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Yamalink report/wr mods

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Hey! I got my pix together for my report on the Yamalink for my 07wr250f. It gets an A+ 👍, what a difference it makes. Sure people say suck it up and get used to riding without touching(people with long legs), but whatever the link does to lower the bike also changes how the bike is balanced--which honestly if that was all it did I would get it just for how it made the bike feel better balanced to me. I don't know all the geometry involved, but the bike feels much better balanced to me, it seems like the center of gravity is lowered to "just right". You can't just slap the link on, you NEED to futz with sag and forks and clickers and such(which the YL people gave me all sorts of advice about) to get good handling.

Putting it on went easy and straightforward. My husband declared the instructions well written by someone who knows what they're doing(he NEVER reads instructions because he says he knows better anyways... so believe me that's quite a compliment!). My forks were already up in the triple clamps, the top edge is 18mm above the top edge of the clamp. My seat was also shaved down a lot--you can see in the pic with the "ho handle". I stiffenend up the sag to 97mm(I will try 90mm next time I go to a track), as well as stiffened compression and rebound on the back a few clicks. The stock spring is good for my weight, so no need to change that out.

Futzing with the suspension settings is very important to avoid the chopper crapy handling(front end way higher than back end). I rode my bike this way, and yes it handled horrible:D. But getting the back end up and stiffer fixed that. The picture with the hoe handle is to show how the back end is very almost as high as the front--the handle is almost parallel to the ground. I put the hoe handle on my kids 200 and 300 KTMs--the handle was parallel to the ground(to use as a comparison). I have seen a few link lowered bikes with chopper front ends...one person said their bike handled awful in the tight stuff. I'm very happy with how my bike handles the tight stuff--much way better with the link!!!

Also, with how the bike feels/handles better with the link on, I have a lot more confidence and connection with the bike. I ride way forward, almost at the original seat height, where I could barely touch the ground with one foot(so really I'm back to riding without being able to touch, sort of). I have no trouble skooching back to the lower part of the seat when I need to dab(or stop). Though I didn't use the full lowering capacity of the link, where its at now is plenty good for last resort dabbing emergencies.

So now my seat(without sitting on it) at the lowest point is 34"(stock seat height was 38-39"). My inseam is 31", I am 5'5". When I sit on the bike the lowest point of the seat is 33". I can get both feet touching with solids balls of my feet. The hardness of the shaved seat doesn't bother me(I kinda prefer it).

I have a friend who will give me his old bar risers, I may try those to see how it helps(or doesn't) to lower the front, or gives me options on where to adjust the forks in the triple clamps.

We cut off the foot of the kickstand(1" worth) after first putting on the link. BUT after adjusting sag, it didn't really need to be cut after all. So make kickstand cutting the very LAST.

Dirty pretty(ahem, sorry) blue Yamalink...


WR With ho handle and homemade toy hauler. See how the hoe handle is close to parallel to the ground. My seat wasn't shaved where the hoe handle touches it.


Before Yamalink. My heel is also up inside my boot at least a half inch.


After Yamalink, my heel is all the way down inside my boots, too.


Before Yamalink, you can see how straight my legs are pushing down to touch.


Before Yamalink


After Yamalink. I don't have to stretch down my legs to touch either.


I am so glad NOT to have to look forward to tipping over when I stop anymore!!!!:worthy:

Now for the mods...

stock yzf pipe and silencer.


main jet: 182

needle jet: stock 2002 yz250f in 3rd position

leak jet: 40

Thumpertalk smog removal kit

Throttle stop ground off from 32mm(stock wr) to 27mm(stock yzf)

Removed snorkle from airbox

grey wire disconnected


And I finally got some barkbusters:applause:.

Goodies yet to get--

Hydraulic clutch

gold unibiker radiator guards

a real skidplate

tugger strap

My husband says it now runs like a "scalded raped ape"(analyze that!:busted: ). Hmmm, I say it runs like me hopped up on chocolate listening to Ted Nugent in the front row.

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