426 Clicking

I have an 01 426SM that clicks intermittently from the left side of the engine. Maybe I'm crazy, but it seems to only happen when the bike is leaned over and under power. I can't hear it when on decel, when the clutch is in, or when the bike is still. I think I read that WR engines can be "noisy", but I don't remember ever hearing this before. Any ideas? Thnx!

my 05 450 just started doing this also

last time i did the water pump i noticed alot of wear on the crank gear

so maby its slipping

but yours is on the left?

I once noticed that my yz was making a rapid clicking noise on the left side onder moderate power. It took me a while to figure out what it was but it was the chain "sliding" down into the very slightly worn front sprocket. Might be something similar in your case.


my chain hits the subframe on left corners, even with new chain guides, maybe that , you sure it`s engine noise?

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