How-to - Hinson Clutch basket removal ( emergency- help please!)

Hey ive got a Hinson Clutch Basket on my 2003 YZ 450f, and eveyhting is removed ( clutch packs, nut, washer, etc.) and i am wondering how the heck do i get it off? it pulls off of the shaft a bit then stops- how do i get it off all the way? thanks.....

The thrust washer (#11) has splines cut in it, and it can drop into a groove in the shaft inside the boss splines so that it catches the basket as you try to slide it off. Rotate the washer and remove it, the basket should slide right out.


so basically i slowly turn the basket/ boss, until the teeth dont catch, and then the whole unit slides off???

Just the washer. Once that's out, it will slide right off.

but how do i move the washer when its between the boss and the basket?

like neither the basket or boss is sliding off, just sliding a little...

iunno ill tackle it when i get home...hmmmm

If you are trying to pull the boss by pulling on the basket, that won't work, because the washer I mentioned will get caught. Pull the boss out, then the washer, then the basket.

thanks guy.

also, i should mention, i installed a clutch in it (03 YZ 450) and it turns out the cluch was for a WR426 about a month ago (just found out it was for a 426 yesterday :@)

anyway the inner friction plate was a tad bit smaller than the rest and has cut into my Hinson Clutch boss, creating a tiny step........

should i replace my boss or put in my old clutch and use just for the upcoming weekend or???????????? thanks...

well, went to "slide" the boss off and take off the basket off, but like i said before the boss slides about an 1/8 of an inch then stops, the basket then follows it off the shaft and stops as well..... need to get it off by tommorow am, any ideas?

My 07 YZ you do not have to take off the inner clutch case to get the basket out.All my KX's you had to take off the inner clutch case to take out the basket,it would not clear the case. It sounds like you have to take off the inner case.

this is what im trying to do

if you look at grays diagram, im trying to take off part #5 , supposedly a pull off, and it aint comin off........

Only the clutch cover needs to come off, but the boss has to come first. If it's a little stubborn, you can use a "crows foot" puller to get it started moving.

this is what im trying to do

if you look at grays diagram, im trying to take off part #5 , supposedly a pull off, and it aint comin off........

What I mean by clutch case is the whole clutch case that bolts onto the crankcase. If my basket can come off of my 07 without pulling the case ,I would think the 03 would. Jiggle the center hub and basket hard when sliding out you wont hurt it.

If you don't have a puller and a set of bolts handy, put the push rod assembly, pressure plate, and springs back on without the nut or plates. Pulling the clutch lever will push the boss off the shaft.

ok thanks for the help guys, got it off this mornin!

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