Do It Yourself Dual-Sport kit

Anyone make their own dualsport kit? Seems to me $500 bucks would buy a bunch of lights and wire.

I have built one dual sport conversion from scratch for a vintage Kawasaki KLX 250. Considering the hours I put into the wiring harness alone makes the money spent for a Baja Designs kit worth it.

Yeah they are expensive but you have to consider what your time is worth and how long the job will take.

After finishing that Kawasaki I have bought the next two dual sport kits from Baja Designs.

:) :pHere in Utah you could do it for much less than that. Rear brake light, high-low beam, horn, mirror, and maybe street legal tires depending how picky your dealer or inspector is. I got my DRZ400E registered with nothing more than a brake light & horn total cost about $20 bucks!

I've done the "quasi-legal" thing to most of my bikes. I'm thinking about going the "almost legal" route. You know turnsignals. Some lights a flasher and a switch is all I need. Right???

Adam check your e-mail.

This thread has a lot of info in it.

Yesssir , the thr ead Rich is referring to has all you really need to make your own kit. It may take a little while before you decide which way you want to do it. and you'll see full of pertinent infos. Especially if your bike is already equipped with the basic lights. If you can do most of the maintenance on your bike, then go for it. You'll appreciate the time spent on this project. It never hurts to know the machine that will bring you roosting all over the place

Mine is almost complete, I have to decide if I'll install a panaoram computer or try fitting a small speedo unit from an older bike. Prerequisite being previously attached to a 21" front weel.

Anyone has an idea about what model or from what bike I could get a speedometer in good shape ?.

I know that VDO used to make good units (back in the end of the 70's early eighty's. :D May be they are still something similar ? A small Yamaha model would be just fine too, I only have too find one ? :D

I think it really transforms a full bore offroad machine :Dinto a <more civilised> offroad :). Now if I can only bring my civility with me when I ride :D :D. If you choose a very competitivre bike, the fact of adding some < legality > doesn't take out any of its bite :D, It only brings the bike nearer to a second caree in supermotard trim

Greetings from Quebec :D

I'm using a speedometer from a mid 80's Yam DT200. It reads up to 140 km/h (90 mph). The newer XT 350 and 225 have the same speedo that read up to 160 Km/h (100 mph)...I just mounted it sideways, using only one of the 2 mounts...Works great!

==NEWS FLASH== the Australian's get their WRs already dualsported. I'll bet everything needed can be bought thru a Yamaha dealer in Australia. :D:):D True plug and play. Or maybe plug and PAY...


thanks for the heads up. After reading through most of the thread, I have a different outlook. Maybe $500 bucks isn't out of line... :)


I just recieved my speedo for my yet to arrive WR450. I ordered one for a 2000 XT350, cost $120.00 american and is small and compact, Should fit behind the headlight/numberplate with ease.. Hooks right up to the stock tripodometer cable. I have a larger unit from a Honda on my WR 400.. Had to build my own mount as I just got a bare speedo from a friend.. I personally like a speedometer over the trip meter for the street.


You guys should really consider looking into those trailtech computers. I love mine. They are way nicer than std analog spedo's. I love being able to see my average speed on the track or trail. It gives ya a bench mark to try to improve on.

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