Steering head bearings

anyboby know of a good place to get new steering head bearrings. my dealers says it will take at leaset a week to get and will be $30, and that is with out the greese seal.

also does anybody have suggestions on what grease to use when putting it all back together


y2k wr, 13 tooth front,

airbox lid and baffle removed, 180 main, 45 pilot, 426yz er needle,

wr timing

try a local bearing house

Make sure to specify a european, american or japanese bearing.

I installes a grease zerk on my steering head and keep it filled.

I heard the oil in the frame heats up and cooks the grease out of the steering head

when i buy bearings i go to a local bearing shop. thay are in the yellow pages and can save you a bunch of money. all you need is the bearing# and maunufacturer. it is written on the bearing somewhere, or you can go to the local yamaha shop and get it from them (not the yamaha part#----the manufacturer and manu. part#).

I've been down this road before...

I would suggest ordering the Yamaha top bearing at least. For 2000/01 the bearing has an extra rubber sealing ring around the top. This will really help keep out the crud.

I've had very good success with Silkolene RG2 grease. It has a very high melting temp and is waterproof. SFO is correct you need something that won't melt from the heat of the oil in the frame, this stuff works.


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If you go the bearing house route make sure and measure the OD/ID of the old & new bearings. A friend recently rebuilt his table saw and purchased new bearings but the counter person only looked at the number on the bearing - apparently the number on the bearing only defines the the OD, the number on the box will determine the OD & ID. He went to press the bearing on to the shaft and shattered the inner bearing race.


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