TORX bolts? Trying to install my low boy pegs (fastway)

(in regards to an aluminum frame)

Trying to install my low boy pegs (fastway). How do I get them torx bolts out??? I got a machine shop that I’m taking the brackets to. I Just haven’t got the brackets off, I just haven’t had too much luck with torx in the past ( on my Jeep) and I’m afraid of stripping them out. Has anybody tried an impact wrench on them?

PS what size is it I think it’s a T50. and is there a tread locking compound on it?

I think it is a #50 but I won't swear to it right now. Check back after 6:30 PDT, and I'll tell you.

The extremist approach is to use a good sized welding tip and heat the head of the bolt to red as quickly as you can without heating the bracket any more than is totally unavoidable. Use a couple of sheets of steel to shield the "ears" of the bracket. Let the bolts cool until the red is gone and they should roll right out, but you'll want new ones.

The second nastiest method is to generally heat the frame itself to about 250 degrees (just to the point where spit bounces off) in the hope of breaking the bond of the Loc-Tite. (yes,they used it)

But first, try this:

Get a nice long breaker bar, 18" or more. Fit it with a Torx bit and apply a good amount of loosening torque to the bolt. Then have a second person strike the top of the breaker bar head sharply, as if trying to drive the bolt in like a nail. This may do the job for you. It did at least once that I know of.

I have not had any luck with mine, the #50 torx is very shallow maybe only an 1/8" to grab the bit, I used a Snap On bit, which is not as rounded on the end, and heat, but gave up before stripping. The fastway pegs do drop the pegs 3/8" with out the mounts though, I'm waiting till riding season is over to get them out, I think heat is the only way, maybe welding a nut to the head of the torx? Anyway I don't want to ruin anything till riding season is over, if you get yours out let me know how. Mike

I used a electric impact gun and they came off no prob. Impact guns solve 90% of my problems with stuck bolts.

I had to use a impact hammer on mine, it was a pain in the azz.

I ended up grinding the head off of one with my roto-zip once. Then after the bracket was off I used vice grips on the remainng portion and was finally able to get it out.

I had to use a impact hammer on mine, it was a pain in the azz.

yeah.. we tried an impact driver. didn't move after a few good wacks, which translate to some pretty sore wrists.

I'm thinking air impact wrench is the next step. but I'm worried of striping the head and the bit.

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