wr timed= short engine life???????

I have been reading abit on this board pertaining to the WR motors "blowing up" , and some seem to think that it's because of WR timing :) , and that YZ timing will produce a longer engine life span. Whats the real deal here? Anybody have any theory or truths to this matter? Of course this bothers me tremendously if it is even hear say.



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it's called a load of bollocks in england, i don't know the american term for this.

i hope this translates. maybe someone else who's bilinguel can help here please?


Let me help you out with the translation Taffy :) The american version is a load of bullcrap.

Percentage wise, I have not heard of many "f's" blowing up. Whether they be YZ or WR.


I have blown up my YZ 3 times, and was going to switch to WR timing to try and tame things a little. I thought moving the power down would help out.

get your cam timing done proffesionally. they can only charge you for a mornings work! especially if you buy just one falicon camwheel for the exhaust cam.

best money you'll spend. remember that the cam timing i used took the valves FURTHER away from the piston!


Piston replacement, maybe 2 yrs.

What do you mean by engine life? Bottom end?

Thank you guys. I kind of figured that but well who know eh!?


One more question. How long do you personally think the WR motors can go on average? Granted good maintainace practices. 10K 20K?


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Thank you guys. I kind of figured that but well who know eh!?

weldpro :)

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