WR426 Odometer Pick Up Cover Removal Question

I saw a post on removing the odometer cover on the front wheel and putting a YZ seal and spacer in place of it. Has anyone done this ??? I see no room to install the seal. I'm a little "corn-fused" by this. :):D

On 2002 wr426 the hub is not the same as the yz and there is no way to put yz spacer...

Yeah....I found that out after I bought the parts and opened them. :)

I just left the hub in place and used a piece of Heat Shrink over the cable inlet. I Squeezed off the open end of the tubing with some pliers while it was hot.

I went to Home Depot and got a rubber cap for 30cents and stuck it over the top. works like a charm and its color coded.

I remember seeing somewhere a replacement aftermarket spacer with the form of out obo part but from aluminum with seal in it, but cannot remember where...

My 01 WR 426 has a Zipty racing spacer 9.95 and a yz seal 6.00 in it whats so different about the 02?

The 02 models got a new front hub that is wider than the old unit. I owned both bikes and the old trick of using the YZ seal and spacer will not work anymore.

I have seen the Al covers that use the odometer drive seal on this web site. These folks at b&b aluminium are from down under. web page is clickable here

I'm not sure if the spacer will fit the '02 hub. There is a difference in the diameter. I could not fit a '01 odometer drive on my '02 front wheel.

For my '02 I just removed the odo cable and put a tight fitting plastic cap like some of the other folks here did.

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