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carb tuneing edelbrock

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👍 this is the first time iv done a thread,iv had my xr650l03,for 6 months i bought it ,it was stock,except for slip on pipe tip.well i read all ur guys thread thank this saves hours and hours of work not to mention money,hers what iv done stock bore ,je 11-1 comp,piston ,hot cam stage 1,big gun exaust,stock carb,this bike is so much differnt then when i bought it ! i did all the work at once ti started right up instintly

,broke in cam,let it run in idle at 3500ish ,shut bike off it cooled down start it back up,jump on it to go around the block,i hit 2nd gear and it did a wheel stand this could not b the same bike no way ,iv put on 300 miles and now i bought a edelbrock carb ,me ? please help me anyome ,i read months ago about the clicks,needle settings ,could some one get me in the ball park,then i could fine tune it,i l love these forme talks even if i wrk 12 hrs i get on here and check it out.o i live in the desertt 110 degr,all sumer long i run the highest octane gas at the pump 91,bikes runs great with the 11-1 piston if u have any ? write me ill anser them thanks .happy wheelies

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