will wr/yz450 hubs fit a wr/yz400

will wr450 hubs fit a wr400

As long as it is 99 or newer. There have been a couple of threads on this topic. And in the ones I have seen someone has always posted a link to another post where someone explains what will fit on what. But I think the only thing is that the 98 has a smaller axel. So anything 99 and newer is good

thank you, t is a 99 model :thumbsup:

Yeah your lucky I have a 98 and it sucks

Yeah your lucky I have a 98 and it sucks

buy a 99 and up swingarm and put it on, youll need a 22mm rear wheel and the axle and spacers as well.

I would but I am to poor. Maybe down the road when i get out of college

i don't think stock swingarms are a big money getter. check ebay.

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