Jetting starting point 00 WR400

I asked basicaly the same question as this on the KTM board about my bike and got a great answer from JD.

I have a friend with a 00 WR400. It's stock appart from YZ timing, and he's thinking about removing that.

What's a good starting point to work from for his jetting?



a good starting point is usually stock. And why in the world you ever even think about going back to WR timing. That would be silly.

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JD has done you proud so well done and off you jolly well go!



Yes he has, but my friend doesn't realy know how to use computers so I thought I'd help him out.

Are you saying for the WR I should start with the same jetting JD recomended for the KTM?

If not can you give me a starting point for just the needle, main and pilot. I have to convince him first it's worth changing, so don't want to spend much money going to your full set up.


get a 40PJ an EMM needle and either a 155MJ for the standard exhaust or a 162 MJ for an open pipe.

it must be tough having no more money than a tenner in his pocket, i could sob for him. could we all have a whipo round.

is he an orphan?

perhaps he sleeps under the stars at night just dreaming of a real bed. :D

don't forget the Taff mod which will cost you 50 aus cents for a block connector (that's one, not the strip of 20).

Taffy :):D


Thanks for that.

Over here in Australia where the Australian dollar is worth about 3 south pacific shells, the cost of just the needle and main jet is over a tenner. Also taking in to account the lower incomes here, it probably equates to about twice that in buying power.


Second that

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