dual sport rim lock

If I have it straight, the rim lock throws the front wheel badly out of balance. Not noticed in the dirt, but very noticeable when ridden on the road.

How necessary is the rim lock? Anyone ever taken it off and wish they hadn't?

Get the wheel/tire balanced just like a street bike & then you have the best of everything, without worrying about the tire slipping on the rim & tearing out the valve stem. Probably notice it's better on the dirt too.

Or you can add another rim lock 180┬░ from the current one, this sould be close enough with no ballincing.:thumbsup:

I think a second wheel lock would be too much work... I have some friends that dual sport (I don't) and they have lead that I think you get in the fishing dept. that is like a thick string or cord, comes on a roll I think. You can wrap it around the spokes opposite the wheel lock, it will never come off like the peel and stick weights and you could probably just weigh your rim lock next you have the wheel off to get a sense of how much lead you want to put on.

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