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metric = inch tire conversion question

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I've looked at some tire conversion charts and did a thread search, but I'm still lost.:busted:

Tire #1 -

I have been running a rear D606 - 130/90-18.

Section width = 130mm

Aspect ratio = 90% (?)

Rim diameter = 18 inches

Tire #2 -

Now, I'm looking at a tire that is: 4.10-18 59P.

Section width = 4.10 inches

Rim diameter = 18 inches

Casing strength = 59P (?)

Anyone know what the difference in these sizes are?👍

I think, by looking at the numbers and using a metric conversion table, that tire #2 would be a lot narrower than tire #1???:worthy:

If that's true, what size tire should I look for (in inches) to match the size of tire #1? I really liked the size of the D606 I've been using.:blah:

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